It's not easy finding talent.

At Hone Recruitment and Search Specialists, we've learnt two important things over the 20 years we've been in business. Firstly, successful achievers are seldom actively looking for new positions. And, secondly, there can be a vast difference between résumé and reality.

We are in the business of identifying, locating, and evaluating some of the strongest professionals in their field. We are hired by some of the finest corporations to separate those individuals who excel from those who are average in skills.

A long-term partnership.

We’re client driven … We are Talent Acquisition associates; we’re not in the business of finding people jobs.  We are in the business of isolating only the strongest professionals in their field for our clients.

Finding Quality, not quantity.

As locators and evaluators of high-performance professionals. We do not believe in sending our clients large number of candidates, but strives to send you the right candidate.  We hand select 2 or 3 high performance professionals who will do the job effectively.

In-Depth Screening.

Our screening process is a rigorous one. We conduct a structured, targeted selection interview that involves carefully planned and relevant questioning. The aim is to reveal how a given candidate fares compared to their peers, to examine their level of skill, and to confirm their experience and qualify their achievements.

Staying on the cutting edge.

We stay on the cutting edge of technical and recruitment advancements and provide ongoing training and development of our Recruitment and Search Executives.

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